Эванна Линч в инстаграм: свежие фото и видео за сегодня

Jason Isaacs & Evanna Lynch Exclusive Interview - Forbidden Forest Reveal & Harry Potter Studio Tour

Эванна Линч в инстаграм: новости фото видео за день

“The Queen of Hearts still making tarts and I not making hay - O I loved too much and by such and such is happiness thrown away.” Dwelling on this Patrick Kavanagh poem a lot this month, and on Lucia. If you study her life, that was her ‘mistake’, putting her heart into everyone and everything at the expense of her happiness. It takes so much strength to keep doing that but I still think it’s worth it. I lost two of my best friends in the space of a month. People who really got me, people who could make me laugh. Who saw my beauty and my ugliness and liked it all. Friends who were...totally effortless. It’s gutting to lose those connections. I’ve been staying up til 5 and getting up at 12 and not doing the things that are good for me. And I keep having these surreal, disturbing moments of realising anew what’s gone that can’t be reclaimed, and demanding to know when will the light come back, where’s summer, where’s joy? All those things I live off. It all feels so dark and burdensome. This sadness that is undeniable though there’s this pressure to deny it and be ok, that I won’t accept. I’d rather be real. I’m going to keep holding space for this darkness for now and admiring people who dwelt in it too. I know it will eventually change into something else but right now it’s the realest thing. I’m grateful for literature and artists who were brave enough to face that. But I fucking hate winter, in the metaphorical and literal sense. Here’s to getting through this stupid season.

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Evanna Lynch. I'm an actress, vegan activist, podcaster, book lover and aspiring cat. 😺📚🎭🌱Creator and Host of @chickpeepspod 🎧🐥 www.thechickpeeps.com.

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Evanna Lynch. Hi guys! I'm a bit new to instagram! You might have recognized me from Harry Potter as Luna Lovegood. I love all of my fans!

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Эванна Линч официальный инстаграм - фото видео новости за сегодня. I'm an actress, vegan activist, podcaster, book lover and aspiring cat. Creator and Host of @chickpe.

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Смотреть фото в Инстаграм. Эванна Линч (Evanna Lynch) – актриса, прославившаяся ролью Полумны Лавгуд в экранизации романов о «Гарри Поттере».

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Evanna Lynch ›› Эванна Линч запись закреплена.#instagram@evannalynchdaily #evannalynch Инстаграм пополнился ещё одним солнечным фото мисс Линч.

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Инстаграм Эванны Линч. Evanna Lynch.Официальный инстаграм аккаунт Эванны Линч. Light of my life Happy New Year, everyone.